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Archbishop’s Easter Message 2017

Easter comes late this year … That’s a statement of fact, but it could also be a metaphor for many people as they struggle with the anxieties and strains of modern living.

We know that God loves us. We believe that we can rely on His care and guidance  in our lives … but it can sometimes seem far away.  Our Lent can seem long and our Easter can seem very late.

But the great surprise of God’s plan, which no-one could have expected, no-one could have foreseen, no-one could have predicted, and there has been nothing like it since in human experience, is that Jesus rose from the dead to bring us hope and to promise glory.

This year is one of uncertainty for many people. Major world events can leave us feeling anxious. Closer to home, worries about jobs or finances, health or the wellbeing of a loved one can cause us to fret and lose our serenity.  We should take comfort from the fact that we are not the only ones to be assailed by such thoughts.

On Good Friday even the  apostles were not only in doubt, they were in flight!  They were afraid and confused.  On that same day Mary, the Mother of Jesus experienced the ultimate pain - the loss of a child. For her too the future seemed an agonising uncertainty.

But, on the third day Jesus rose from the dead.  And  if Jesus rose from the dead we too - who are his people – can find in him the strength and the hope  to rise from our sorrows and disappointments. 

Easter comes late this year … but it is finally here.  And the answer to all our anxieties and sorrows is found in that hymn we love to sing at this time of year.

Regina Coeli, laetare alleluia … Resurrexit sicut dixit alleluia

Queen of Heaven rejoice alleluia … He has risen as He said He would alleluia.

May the blessings of Easter be with you and your families throughout this Easter season.

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