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In his weekly reflection, Archbishop Philip praises the efforts made to keep churches open as the new Covid restrictions take effect and relates our efforts to look out for each other and keep each other safe to the call of the Gospel.

If we did not know before, then we know now that the Covid-19 virus is going to be with us for some time, as are the restrictions on our personal, social, work and religious lives. The only thing that may change that would be the discovery of an effective vaccine, for which we continue to hope and pray.

We also know that the Scottish Government does not intend to close churches or suspend public worship even if the restrictions are escalated to their highest level in the new 5-tier system that has been announced, although it still has to be ratified by Parliament.

That is a change of policy since the first lockdown last March when our churches were totally closed and public worship was suspended. At that time, we lost Passiontide, Holy Week, Easter, the Easter Season and Pentecost, and the subsequent Feasts and Sundays until mid-July. That was tough to endure. It was painful.

The Scottish Government does not now plan to re-instate that kind of blanket restriction on our freedom to enact public worship. This is a blessing.

In God’s Image' - the Instruction on Safeguarding from the Bishops of Scotland to all Catholic jurisdictions in the country - was published in March 2018 initially for a three year period. The Bishops are now preparing for the publication of version two of this document to reflect any significant developments that have occurred since first publication. The intended publication date is June 2021. Until then, 'In God's Image' version one will remain valid.

The Bishops are seeking views from all interested groups and individuals on any changes they would propose to the current text in the light of their experience. This invitation extends to dioceses, parishes, religious congregations, organisations, to clergy and laypeople, to professional safeguarding staff and volunteers, to those in Scotland and beyond, to those in other churches or faith groups and to all who are interested in keeping children and vulnerable adults safe in every Church environment.

In a letter sent to Scotland’s 500 Catholic parishes, the nation's Bishops are urging the Catholic community to maintain their “meticulous” infection control and safety measures. The letter points out that the rate of Covid-19 infections is on the rise across Scotland and public anxiety is increasing, and asks priests and parishioners, to “persevere in our efforts to reduce the risk of transmission and to ensure that our parishes and communities adhere to all infection control measures that have been put in place.”

The full text of the Bishops' letter follows:

The Holy Father Francis has published his much-anticipated encyclical, Fratelli Tutti.

(A papal encyclical is the highest form of Papal teaching and this is only the third the present Pope has published).

The letter is a powerful call to re-model society in the post-Covid world both at political and personal level.

After an exile of 118 days when churches were closed, Mass with a congregation can be celebrated publicly again, though with important conditions. Check details for times etc in your own parish. But here’s what you need to know before you go to attend Mass safely... welcome home!

Technology offers us the possibility of assisting at Mass even when we cannot be physically present.

Even though it is now possible to celebrate Mass with a congregation once more, strict limits mean not all who would wish to go to Mass can find a place. Therefore parishes will continue to reach out through digital means to those who cannot come to church.

Parishes offering live stream liturgies are as follows:


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