St Mungo Music links

These are continually being updated and we hope that they will be a source of information, encouragement, and repertoire to the Archdiocese.


Entry Songs or Introits are suggested in the Missal for the start of Mass, and they can be so appropriate.   Hymns were introduced to get us started when the liturgy first began to be celebrated in English.   The Entry Songs are short, are usually relevant to the Mass or the occasion and can be repeated after a Glory be to the Father. If people learn to sing one or two settings of the -Glory be to the Father' then they can easily add in accessible settings of suitable texts.


Here are settings, recordings and  commentaries on the Responsorial Psalm in the Liturgy.

The recordings are by The St Mungo Singers and Cantors of the Archdiocese; the commentaries are by Dr Noel Donnelly.

The settings are by composers associated with St Mungo Music with some of them published by Kevin Mayhew  ‎

Gospel Acclamation

The Gospel Acclamations in the Liturgy help us prepare to welcome the Gospel.  Their texts throughout the Year and the Seasons provide an index of what we believe.

Mass Settings

The Parts of the Mass - Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Memorial and Agnus Dei

The Sanctus is probably the most important part of the Mass to be sung - it completes the introductory Preface, which specifies why we are giving thanks, and gives voice to our sense of being in the presence of the all-holy God, who is  with us and among us.  So it is important that the music carrying the text is accessible to the whole congregation and that it has a link with the meaning of the words. The role of the choir with this text is not to replace the congregation but to support it and enrich the singing. No easy task, because the Sanctus begins with a sense of awe, then moves on to heaven and earth being full of glory and Hosannah!  Then it continues with the comforting words of the psalm 'Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord'.  ‎

Communion Antiphons

The Communion Antiphons are sung during the Priest’s Communion and before a hymn.  They can help us focus on communion or on the feast or the occasion.    We are increasing the repertoire  continually.  ‎


Recent events

St Margaret Mary’s Church in Castlemilk was filled as Archbishop Nolan led the priests and people from throughout the Archdiocese in the funeral of former and much loved parish priest Fr Michael Savage on 19th January.

The Mass of our Celtic Roots

The annual Mass of our Celtic Roots, timed to take place during the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow, was held on 28 January 2024 in St Aloysius, Garnethill.  This year the main celebrant was Fr John Gannon and the preacher Fr Stephen Hannah.  Among the congregation were members of the Scots Gaelic and Irish communities, and representatives of the Knights of St Columba.  The music was led by The St Mungo Singers, the choir of St Mungo’s, Alloa, the St Mungo Ensemble, the delightful Ceilidh Band from Trinity High School and Harpist and Piper.