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"I would have to say that whenever I have reached out to him with faith, the Lord has not disappointed me" ... with these powerful words Archbishop Philip urges us to have faith in God this week. The full text of the Archbishop's reflection follows:

"People like us who live in the central belt of Scotland are mostly sheltered from the wind and the sea, and from their awesome power. I remember, some years back, I spent a few days in Caithness and in Orkney, where the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Pentland Firth and the North Sea all come together. The rock faces, the towering cliffs that plunge into the sea and the landscape there are marked deeply by the wind and sea, and the people speak respectfully of the forces of nature.

We would be well advised to hear today’s Gospel with some respect for the power of the sea. I wonder too at the man who can walk on the waters, and tame the wind and the sea. Together with the Apostles, I am prepared to bow before him and say, “Truly, you are the Son of God”. I hope you are too.

My dear brothers in the priesthood,

I thought to send you special greetings today on the Memorial of St John Mary Vianney, the blessed Curé of Ars, who has long been honoured as the Patron Saint of priests.

Let me praise the priestly holiness of St. John Mary Vianney as an example for priests today. I note especially the saint’s devotion to prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, his faithfulness to the ministry of the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation, and his outstanding ability to touch the hearts and transform the lives of so many people.

In order to aspire to such holiness, we need to focus our gaze firmly on Jesus Christ. Christ is the only sure point of reference for us priests. Let me commend to you, therefore, the rich theology of the priesthood and of priestly ministry in the teaching of the Second Vatican Council and in the post-conciliar Magisterium of the Popes. This teaching draws upon the continuous Tradition of Catholic faith, and presents the priest in bold lines as standing along with and in the forefront of the People of God in the person of Christ the Head and Shepherd of his Church.

I firmly believe that we priests need to be convinced that our ordination has conferred on us the gift of a unique configuration to Christ. This unique configuration to Christ does not make of us a clerical caste, but an order and a brotherhood of priests whose lives of prayer, obedience, celibacy and service, and whose ministry of word and sacrament, are the foundation and expression of our spiritual fatherhood of our people and of effective evangelisation.

I hope that in these strange days of the Covid-19 pandemic, this brief reflection may help to inspire you to continue to dedicate yourself to your priestly ministry. For the sacrifice of your life for Christ and his Church, I thank you from my heart.

Yours devotedly in Christ


Archbishop of Glasgow

During his historic visit to Japan last year, Pope Francis declared that “the use of atomic energy for purposes of war is immoral, just as the possession of atomic weapons is immoral”. Seventy-five years on from the unprecedented and horrific destruction of life at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we are called to reflect prayerfully upon the UK’s own possession of nuclear weapons.

Pope Francis reiterated that the threat of mutual destruction, the massive loss of innocent lives and the annihilation of any future for our common home, is completely incompatible with our efforts to build peace. “If we really want to build a more just and secure society, we must let the weapons fall from our hands”, said the Pope.

He also reminded us that it is unjust to continue squandering precious resources on manufacturing, maintaining and upgrading ever more destructive technology. The cost of nuclear weapons should be measured not only in the lives destroyed through their use, but also the suffering of the poorest and most vulnerable people, who could have benefited were such vast sums of public money invested in the Common Good of society instead. The Scottish and English and Welsh bishops' conferences have in the past called on the UK government to forsake its own nuclear weapons.

We therefore recommit ourselves to the abolition of these weapons and to the Holy Father’s call to pray each day “for the conversion of hearts and for the triumph of a culture of life, reconciliation and fraternity. A fraternity that can recognize and respect diversity in the quest for a common destiny.”

The Archdiocese of Glasgow has concluded the transfer of ownership of the former St Peter’s Seminary and its surrounding estate at Cardross to new owners.

A new charity, the Kilmahew Education Trust, will be the new legal owners of the site.

They aim to develop it as an asset for the local community while respecting the unique archaeological status of the iconic St Peter’s building.

Announcing the transfer of ownership, Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, the Archbishop of Glasgow, said: “This is a good day for the Archdiocese, for the local area, and, I hope, for the wider Scottish community.

After an exile of 118 days, since the last celebration on the Feast of St Joseph we can return to Mass as of July 15. Check details for times etc in your own parish. But here’s what you need to know before you go ... welcome home!

Technology offers us the possibility of assisting at Mass even when we cannot be physically present.

Even though it is now possible to celebrate Mass with a congregation once more, strict limits mean not all who would wish to go to Mass can find a place. Therefore parishes will continue to reach out through digital means to those who cannot come to church.

Parishes offering live stream liturgies are as follows:


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