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In a challenging final "lockdown reflection" Archbishop Philip asks us to examine our conscience and discover what we have learned during our enforced Eucharistic fast. And he urges a renewed hunger for the Lord present in the Eucharist as we prepare we return to Mass later this week. Full text follows:

I am sure we sometimes wonder why one person believes and another does not, why one person perseveres in the practice of the faith and another does not, why one person goes to Mass on a Sunday and another does not.

Jesus anticipates these questions in his parable of the sower. Jesus too experienced a mixed response to his message. Sometimes his word fell on good soil and at other times it did not. Some people believed in him and others did not. If the Son of God’s words and miracles, his death and resurrection, should elicit only a partial response from his contemporaries, his Church should really expect no better.

While we pray for a generous response to the preaching of God’s word, I imagine it will be this way until the end of time, that the response of faith will wax and wane, that some people will respond generously and others will not or will not be able to. We will let the Lord sort that out at the day of judgement with his justice and mercy.

What is important is our response to the Word of God. We need to be the rich soil in which the Lord sows his word so that we can produce the crop of faith and love, a hundredfold, sixty and even thirty, as much as we can. We need to look not at other people but at ourselves. Are we living the Gospel? Are we faithful to Christ? Are we a good example to our children, our family, and neighbours? Have we absorbed the life of faith so that we produce a harvest of prayer, goodness, and virtue?

We are now emerging from the Covid-19 lockdown. Already our churches are open for prayer and visits. By next Sunday, if all goes well, we will have resumed public worship. We will be able to go to Mass again and receive Holy Communion. It will not be the same as before. It may be tentative and hesitant and, probably for some time, we will not be able to gather in the same numbers as before. But, after four months in a non-sacramental exile, we will be able to gather for Mass and that is a great joy.

How do we want to emerge from this penitential exile from Mass and the Sacraments? In today’s Gospel, Jesus gives us one answer that we should take on board. We want to be disciples who listen more carefully to the Word of God and who ask the Holy Spirit to make them the rich soil from which the seed of God’s word can produce a fruitful harvest. In a word, we want to exit from this lockdown as better people and more faithful disciples of Jesus. I hope with all my heart that our 4-month sacramental fast will make those who can, those for whom it is safe, more faithful to Sunday Mass and more anxious to receive Christ in Holy Communion.

The countdown to the celebration of public Mass has begun. Parishes are working intensely to make local arrangements for the big day. Each parish will have its own concerns ... capacity, timings, scheduling etc.

The details will be finalised in coming days but here are some indications of how the restoration of Holy Mass will happen:

  • Social distancing - stay 2 metres apart form others.
  • Sanitise hands on entering and leaving church
  • Wear a face mask or covering
  • Consider volunteering for stewarding or cleaning as the pews will need to be cleaned after each Mass
  • Those attending will have to leave contact details to help track and trace in the event of an outbreak of Covid 19
  • Numbers at public Masses will be limited initially to a maxiumum of 50 (in large churches) and 20 for funeral Masses
  • There will be no singing and some of the liturgy will be amended slightly
  • Overflow congregations may be accommodated in a neaby church hall to increase capacity
  • Extra Masses may be offered to cope with demand

It is important to remember that the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains suspended.  It is not a sin not to go to Mass on Sunday at this time! Indeed you could choose to go on a different day of the week in the expectation that crowds will be smaller.

The restoration of the Mass on July 15 will be a historic day in the life of the Church in our land.

Let's prepare well both in practical and spiritual ways for the return to Mass.

In his weekly reflection Archbishop Philip opens his heart to recall the recent death of his sister and recalls the anniversary of his ordination as a priest.

The full text follows:

I welcome you once more to our livestreamed Mass from St Andrew’s Cathedral, Glasgow. Last Sunday, the internet connection here at the Cathedral had developed a fault so that livestreamed Mass was not possible. I very much missed having that digital contact with you last week. I am very pleased, therefore, that I am able to be with you once more this Sunday through the medium of the internet, and that we can be united with Christ at our Sunday Mass.

Since I was last with you, my sister Dina died after a long illness and we were able to have a lovely intimate Funeral Mass for her, even if it was only with very limited numbers in church. However lots of people stood outside in the church car park to pay their respects and even more quite spontaneously attended the burial, distancing themselves from one another in the wide open spaces of the cemetery. That was very consoling for Dina’s husband and family, and for my brothers and sisters.

Public celebrations of Mass are now on the horizon. The new Flourish for the month of July marks this historic moment.

Also ... four Glasgow Parish Priests reflect on the positive lessons we can learn from the lockdown. Don’t miss their insights and advice.

Read these and all the other articles you enjoy in the July edition online now:

After three months of closure the day is approaching when our churches will be able to reopen.

Archbishop Tartaglia has prepared this short video message with some important news and advice. Please view today and share widely.

Detailed guidance for the re-opening of buildings will be posted here in coming days.

You can view the Archbishop's video message on our YouTube channel here: 

During the current emergency technology offers us the possibility of assisting at Mass even when we cannot be physically present.

Live streams of Masses are currently affected by a technical issue but a list of parishes offering live stream liturgies follows


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