Policy Statement by the Bishops' Conference of Scotland:

The Catholic Church in Scotland is concerned with the lives, safety, wholeness and well being of each individual person within God’s purpose for everyone. It seeks to safeguard the welfare of children and young people who are involved in whatever capacity with the Church and its organisations. As a Church community, we accept that it is the responsibility of all of us, ordained, professed, paid and voluntary members to work together to prevent the physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect of children, young people and vulnerable adults.”


Safeguarding contacts:

Safeguarding Adviser & Diocesan Safeguarding Trainer
Caterina O'Connor MA(Hons), CQSW, Dip Child Protection, DipTraining Practice
Part Time: Mon - Thurs
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Safeguarding Administrators
Claudia Melis MA Modern Philology HNC Admin and IT
Part Time: Mon, Tues & Fri


Jillian Whalley BA, PGD BSc
Part Time: Wed & Thurs

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Resources to view or download:

'In God's Image' has been published by the Bishops' Conference of Scotland as an "Instruction on Safeguarding for implementation in all Catholic canonical jurisdictions in Scotland and by all other groups and organisations in Scotland subject to a legitimate canonical authority of the Catholic Church". It is intended to explain and to direct the approach to Safeguarding that is to be practised at every level of the Catholic Church in Scotland. For the public, and for Catholic faith communities in particular, it has been written to explain how the Catholic Church in Scotland makes every effort to protect from all forms of harm and abuse those children and adults who are vulnerable or at risk. It has also been written to direct those who are responsible for managing Safeguarding arrangements in parishes, dioceses, Religious Institutes and Catholic organisations on how to comply with these new national Safeguarding standards with effect from 21st May 2018.'
For 'In God's Image' Manual click here
For 'In God's Image' Forms and Templates click here Go to Section C Resources and register your details.
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